OER Resources

Resources for Searching, Authoring and Publishing Open Education Resources (OER)

Searching for OER

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

The primary aim of DOAB is to increase discoverability of Open Access books. Academic publishers are invited to provide metadata of their Open Access books to DOAB. Metadata will be harvestable in order to maximize dissemination, visibility and impact.

The Mason OER Metafinder (MOM)

The Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) is an OER search engine operated by George Mason University. The OER Metafinder performs a search across 21 different sources of OERs, such as OER Commons, BC Campus, Open Textbook Library, and OpenStax. Users can search all of the repositories or select certain ones.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

MERLOT is a community of staff, volunteers, and members who work together in various ways to provide users of OER (Open Educational Resource) teaching and learning materials with a wealth of services and functions that can enhance their instructional experience. MERLOT is a program of the California State University. See authoring with MERLOT Content Builder below.


Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS) is a search tool that aims to make the discovery of open content easier. OASIS currently searches open content from 98 different sources and contains 368,234 records.

OER Commons

OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum. Search for existing OER content on the OER Commons Web site.

Open Science Directory Search

Open Science Directory is a search tool for open access journals and journals in special programs.


Contact the Academy for assistance in integrating your OER content into your instruction: academy@harpercollege.edu

  • Instructional Design
  • Multimedia
  • Project Management

Authoring OER Content

OER Commons’ Open Author

OER Commons’ Open Author allows you to create your OER content online. Examples of resources that can be created there include standalone learning modules, lessons, assessments and more that are accessible, exportable and re-useable to other educators, faculty, instructors everywhere.

MERLOT Content Builder

The MERLOT Content Builder is a free website development tool. All websites built with Content Builder are fully accessible, scalable to any screen size or device, and are hosted by California State University CSU and MERLOT. You must have an account to access the MERLOT Content Builder.


SoftChalk is an E-Learning content authoring tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging learning content quickly. Once authored content can be easily integrated with Blackboard and shared openly with the Open Education community within the SoftChalk Share repository.

SoftChalk Create is available for desktop use in the Academy for Teaching Excellence.


Publishing your OER Content


MERLOT may also be used to publish and share your OER content back with the Open Education community.

Pressbooks EDU

Pressbooks is a simple book publishing tool. Put your book content into Pressbooks, edit as you like, and create beautiful print books, E-books, and Web books simultaneously. Pressbooks is a popular tool for open textbooks, making easy the process of creating, modifying, and publishing.

OER Commons

OER Commons allows you submit your OER content for review and publish it for the benefit of educators and learners everywhere.


Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities.

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